I'm Erin K. Andersen. This Chick Sells Real Estate.


Most people buy &/or sell a home no more than once or twice in a lifetime. This is exciting, but can also be a nerve-wrecking adventure. I am with you every step of the process so you can concentrate on choosing paint colors, furniture placement & perhaps a housewarming party.  I want you to be rest assured that all the little things are taken care of, and that you're in good hands.


I was born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois and eventually settled with my husband and two children in suburban Aurora, Sugar Grove township.  I am excited to tell you about my favorite places to eat and shop throughout the suburbs. This is where I live and breathe--and I want you and your family to have the same fantastic experience We've had. 


I am a local real estate broker specializing in Chicago's Western suburbs. I have more than 22 years experience in all aspects of the real estate industry. From buying to selling, financing to appraisals & all the legal jargon. From the beginning to the final stretch of the journey & beyond, I'm here to see it through.  I'm your girl!  This Chick Sells Real Estate.

Listing Services To Sell Fast

Worth Clark Realty doesn’t believe in the one size fits all approach. Unlike “big box” brokers, where agents are restricted to only providing “approved” services and by how much commission is charged, we specialize in customizing the listing and sales strategy to each individual home. We believe every home is unique, and requires its own strategy in order to market the home properly and get sold fast.

The Impact of Pricing it Right from the Start

Looking back at a sample of 20 of our listings, we were able to see how many times the listings were viewed on Realtor.com. We noticed that days 3 through 10 often yielded the most views. This is when all those who are actively looking notice your home has been listed. However, after this “actively looking” group has seen the property, showing activity decreases to only those buyers that are new to the market. So, it’s absolutely crucial that you have your home in the best condition and properly priced at first exposure to the market.

Good Strategy Starts with Good Information

Before you can begin to know what your home is worth, you should do some research, and keep the following in mind:

  1. Recently sold comparables is not enough. An analysis of what homes have recently sold for in your neighborhood is usually not enough to help you properly price your home. This will give a solid starting point, but you probably shouldn’t base your entire pricing strategy on this information alone. It’s important that you also take into consideration how long similar homes have sat on the market and the price that has caused them to remain unsold.
  2. Think like a buyer, and know your competition. The prospective buyers who will be viewing your home will be looking at a lot of other homes in the same price range as yours. That means they will be comparing your home’s condition, updates, extras, number of rooms, square footage and every other factor to other homes listed at the same price. How competitively priced is your home compared to those homes with similar features?
  3. Zillow is very black and white. So many people refer to zillow.com when first establishing a price to sell their homes. Zillow is a great tool, but you have to consider what information it uses… and better yet, what it’s unable to know. Zillow publishes an estimate (they call it a “zestimate”), based on last sale information in the public tax records of similar homes. So, it’s good to know that the home just like yours down the street sold for $225,000 last week… but, it doesn’t tell you that it featured granite counter tops, hardwood throughout, a luxury bath, and a newly finished basement. So, knowing that a home similar to yours sold for that price, but with updates your home may not have, affects the price quite a bit.  You probably wouldn’t list your home as high as $225,000 without those updates. This is information Zillow can’t tell you. Your best bet is to have a CMA or appraisal done. This will provide you with comparables including what they featured, if the sales price included buyer closing costs, and other crucial information.