Worth Clark Realty Offers Agents More… A Lot More!


The real estate industry is changing right before our very eyes. You know the statistics; over 90% of all home purchases begin with an online search. You also know mastering the technology used by our industry is critical, and having a hands-on broker just a call, text, or email away every day of the week can often mean the success of a deal.

Why not join a broker that’s in touch with today’s market, knows, promotes and provides you with the industry’s latest technology, and is always accessible?

At Worth Clark Realty, we’re challenging the industry, and changing the way real estate brokerages operate. Just take a look at what we offer our agents, and compare to what you’re currently receiving.


Best Compensation Plan GUARANTEE

At Worth Clark Realty, we definitely do not believe in the one size fits all approach.  We most definitely do believe old-school commission splits are the thing of the past.  That’s why we offer the best compensation plans, that put 100% of your hard earned commission in your pocket.

Compensation-Plan-Seal (2)

We’re so confident that we provide agents with the best compensation plans in the industry, that if you can prove you earn more with your current broker, then we’ll guarantee to beat it.

Commission Splits Don’t Make Sense

If your current broker is taking a large split of your commission, you have to question why.  If you’re on a 75/25 split, is the broker doing 25% of your work? Probably not.  So, why should the broker receive 25%?  Worth Clark deducts a very modest transaction fee per sale based on what we’ve calculated to provide support, E&O and all the great tools we offer, on a per transaction basis.  We’ve yet to find another broker that allows REALTORS® to keep more of their hard earned commissions.

CLICK HERE to calculate how much you’re leaving on the table at your current brokerage, or reach out to us using the form below.


Technology & Leads

Worth Clark Realty is a tech-savvy real estate brokerage that’s not only in touch with the latest technology, but is leading the way. As your broker, we’ll do more than just advise you of the market’s latest lead generating tools, but also provide some of the best technology and leads at no additional cost.

Here are few things all Worth Clark Realty agents have that most other Brokers don’t provide:

Transaction Management System – Arguably the best transaction management system in the industry. No more faxing, emailing, or hand-delivering hard copies of everything to your broker. With our system you can easily enter and manage all your contracts and the parties involved, and submit each transaction for review and table funding with a just few simple clicks.
Agent Webpage – Your presence on the web is absolutely critical in today’s market, and that’s exactly why we’ll provide you with a lead generating webpage including one of the best IDX searches in the industry. This comes with an advanced back-end system that’ll allow you to capture, manage, and track all your leads.
Lead Management  and CRM System– An advanced lead management systems that’s completely integrated with your IDX enabled agent webpage. It’ll not only capture leads from your webpage, but will also allow you to track their visits, see what they’ve searched for, setup custom alerts, follow up with them, and create marketing campaigns. This is a full CRM system.
Single Property Websites – Single property websites are essential in all listing presentations. Your sellers want to be assured that you’ll provide their home with maximum exposure, and what’s better than a website dedicated to them with features such as advanced mapping, virtual tours, printable flyers and more? You’ll be able to easily create single property websites for all your listings (unlimited).
Text Capturing – Our cutting-edge text capture system allows you to use a code and text-to number for all your listings. When a homebuyer texts for info from your sign, it will text that homebuyer more information about your listing, including a link to a mobile website of the listing with photos, but it will also send you the person’s cell phone number and the property they’re interested in. This is an absolute essential feature for your yard signs.
Social Media Marketing – Who isn’t on Facebook today?! With our social media marketing tools you be able to easily add your listings and a property search to your Facebook page. You’ll also be able to easily add your listings to any blogs or message boards such as ActiveRain.
Web Flyers– Do you market on classified websites, like Craigslist? You’ll be able to easily create and customize web flyers for all your listings and services to capture more leads on Craigslist, and other classified websites alike. These flyers can also be printed, copied and pasted into your blog posts and throughout other forums where you might market.

And More Technology to Come…

We’re actively involved in technology forums, and review all the latest tools and gadgets to hit the market. If we think it makes sense to offer it, you bet we certainly will. And, if you ever have a suggestion, we’d love to hear about it!


No matter your level of experience, continuing education or specialized training, staying current on the latest trends is crucial to your success. That’s exactly why Worth Clark Realty agents are provided access to an extensive online training library, and broker assistance every day of the week. Whether you’re a new agent or a veteran of the industry there are video courses and tutorials that can hone your skills in pricing, listing, representation, prospecting, farming, online lead generation, social media marketing, and much, much more.

On Demand Training Courses

  • 24/7 access to beginner, intermediate and advanced training courses
  • Take courses at your pace, and on your own schedule
  • Over 300 courses available
  • New courses and fresh content added regularly

New Agent Mentorship Program

For new agents to the industry we offer a special one-on-one mentorship program to jump start their careers. Personal coaching sessions, curriculum, and accountability are all provided, and are absolutely crucial to ensuring success out of the gate.

Specialized Coaching Program

For agents with more experience, but who’d like to boost productivity and success, we’ll tailor a coaching program around each individual’s specialized needs. Agents are provided with personal insights, regular coaching sessions, targeted curriculum and accountability to help catapult our agents’ business savvy to the next level.


The Real Estate Industry is Changing

Worth Clark Realty is changing the way real estate brokerages do business. Today, the majority of agents do business from their home offices, cars, cafes, coffee shops, and clients’ properties. Therefore, the traditional brick and mortar offices are relied upon less and less. We’ve done away with them, and instead of supplying agents with brick and mortar offices, we provide clients with more technology, training, and the best compensation plan in the industry!

Not only do we provide more technology, training and better commission splits, but also outstanding broker support. Our core focus is to ensure all our agents have the support and systems in place to provide clients with outstanding service and the smoothest transactions possible.

If you’d like to learn more, please give us a call at 1-800-991-6092 ext.4, or reach out to us using the contact form below or live chat button to the right.